Geulah Manifesto
ღ*•••► Geulah Manifesto: Everyone’s Vital Role in the Multiverse and Merit Currency; the past year, Doomsday was a frequent topic, without much mention of the daily miracles that sustain us. The reality of having an Infinite and entirely One G-d is that not only is 7 billion not a particularly challenging number of people to sustain, but 7 trillion or 7 trillion trillion aren’t really a challenge for Him, either. Any number under Infinity is still exceedingly small and as we look out and reach farther out into the Multiverse around us, we will realize all of our material needs are extremely small in comparison to what is waiting and available in the Great Frontiers of virgin material waiting for us to Elevate it in Divine Service….

ღ*Black heart (cards)•••► Geulah Manifesto: Everyone’s Vital Role in the Multiverse and Merit Currency;

In the past year, Doomsday was a frequent topic, without much mention of the daily miracles that sustain us. The reality of having an Infinite and entirely One G-d is that not only is 7 billion not a particularly challenging number of people to sustain, but 7 trillion or 7 trillion trillion aren’t really a challenge for Him, either. Any number under Infinity is still exceedingly small and as we look out and reach farther out into the Multiverse around us, we will realize all of our material needs are extremely small in comparison to what is waiting and available in the Great Frontiers of virgin material waiting for us to Elevate it in Divine Service….

Geulah (Era of Redemption) Manifesto

Geulah Manifesto

Geulah (Era of Redemption) Manifesto

{Sheep don’t plow fields}


Many scientist have made it their life’s work to try and convince us that our World, and therefore, by implication,  G-d, can’t sustain 7 billion people, and yet at the same time they admit there really is enough food for everyone, it just needs to be distributed in a more justified manner. These are the same type of people who assured us that back before Israel was a state that the Holy Land couldn’t possibly ever sustain more than 250,000 people. Israel today not only sustains vastly more people, but has built one of the world’s most vibrant economies in the world, largely based in exporting food products and agricultural know-how. 

In the past year, Doomsday was a frequent topic, without much mention of the daily miracles that sustain us. The reality of having an Infinite and entirely One G-d is that not only is 7 billion not a particularly challenging number of people to sustain, but 7 trillion or 7 trillion trillion aren’t really a challenge for Him, either. Any number under Infinity is still exceedingly small and as we look out and reach farther out into the Multiverse around us, we will realize all of our material needs are extremely small in comparison to what is waiting and available in the Great Frontiers of virgin material waiting for us to Elevate it in Divine Service.

Taking the Mega-view of imagining into what war will look like in Geulah, I have found that my most damaging weapon is OverBlessing. On two occasions I have been challenged on the internet by individuals that thought using exaggeration and belittling terms they would bully me into silence. Or, I suspect that they thought I might  resort to a flame counterattack with name calling in return. In realty, all that would have been achieved is possibly having us both kicked out of those forums for using verbally abusive language. Instead, I Blessed them that G-d Willing they will receive all their rewards immediately and in full for whatever good they have managed to do in life. I expect that in 99% of causes such an overflow of Good Things will either result in the person wasting all their Merits in frivolous things or in a rare few causes the person will do so much Good with what they receive that whole new streams of Merit will result and my over OverBlessing should earn myself some of the credit for the new stream of Merit that is generated. Either way, whether the OverBlessing destroys the person or generates new streams of Merit, it is win for me. 

Ironically, to Bless someone in a way that will actually benefit the person, for the average person, you need to put some sort of constraint on just how much Good is actually being put in the Blessing. If you want to Bless someone to receive reward and you really want it to arrive in such a way that it benefits the person, then you will want to add something like, “in it’s proper time”, so that they aren’t overwhelmed by the sudden overflow of Good Things, as Geulah is arriving. That might not seem like much of a problem now, but I recall reading that in Geulah it says we will be perplexed by whether to keep old things or use new things because “all Good Things will be as available as the dust covers the earth”  and apparently the old things will only grow in value. So, which do you use? In these situations it might actually seem more merciful for the person to receive their Rewards and Blessings in increments that, so to speak, lets them catch their breath.

So, in this regard, I want to take a moment and offer you this Blessing;  May G-d Bless you with Success in your Endeavors and Reward in a Good and Appropriate time for you. 

Chapter 1: Geulah Currency (Merits)

It might seem crazy to talk about war in Geulah, but there are Prophetic sources that describe the warfare of Geulah as being particularly vicious in that competing forces of Good will be fighting to earn the only currency relevant in Redemption and The World to Come, Merits. So, I’ve been asking myself what is the best strategy for this New Era and how to prepare to fight, when the necessity arises. There are apocalyptic descriptions that amount to the Goyim (non-Jews) in the Era Redemption throwing themselves at the Clouds of Glory in an apparent frustration of wanting a greater role in the 3rd Temples Service and earning the Merits that come with it.  The reality is that there is a back door in for them in the role of Temporary Lavi and there isn’t a need to launch suicidal charges in seeking greater Merit. There are many parts of the Levite Service that don’t necessarily have to be done by a native born Lavi, rather he can pass on those parts that don’t require his level of Holiness, to anyone who is motivate to do the Service and obtain Merit for assisting in those tasks. I’m describing this in war terms because ultimately there are potentially many forms of Good that can obtain Merit in the Services and there is bound to be some level of competition between them.

All the indications are that in the coming era real currency will be the Merits we earn and since the Age of Geulah is limited by the advent of The World to Come and even assuming that there are roughly 100 trillion Universes in the Multiverse, Finite is still Finite and there is only one place that really stands out as the Infinite corridor into obtaining unlimited Merits in Geulah and that is in the Service of the 3rd Temple.

In serving in such a unique role as Temporary Lavi, the first thing a person needs to do is imagine that change in the way they do things and reality is even possible. Which brings me to my Mr. B. (my computer teacher) experience. To the best of my knowledge I’m the only one who ever had the unique experience of getting him angry. He typically had a smile that literally appeared to run from one ear to the other.  I was taking his Fortran class, in which the primary focus of that particular class was in making punch cards for the school’s Computer Lab and the mainframe computers that could read them. At the end of the class he asked if anyone had any questions. So, me being me, I asked, “What will we do with the punch cards when we no longer need them?” To say he went ballistic is putting it mildly. His face actually turned red and he yelled at me, “Mister, will we always need punch cards! We have to have the hard data and we will always need them for the storage!”

If you want change you first have to have a broad enough imagination to incorporate that reality is changing exponentially or end up as Mr. B. trapped in the illusion that what is now will always be.

Going back to the likelihood that the Multiverse contains more than 100 trillion universes in it, imagine that one day soonish that G-d comes to us saying that He wants two individuals, one male, one female, to start populating each universe. Well, the math isn’t very complicated. That means at minimum we need at least 200 trillion people to fulfill mankind’s manifest destiny in the Multiverse.

Getting to our first trillionth person as been an extraordinary long and difficult endeavor, but as is the nature of things, I think it is realistic to expect that getting to our tenth trillionth will be done in a fraction of the time with far less effort, then our 100th trillionth, etc., with reality moving exponentiationly faster to each new Geulah milestone. You only have to look at the difference between reaching our first millionth person and our 10th, and first billionth compared to our 10th, etc., to understand and gain some perspective of how much faster events will more forward in Geulah.  

Even in Geulah, there are described in the Midrash to be many stages. I have even read that at some later stage of Geulah, Creation will be elevated to the point were even animals will study Torah and speak. Imagine that in the Lavi Choir that harmonizing brought more than just a nice tune and song. In the 3rd Temple all the Holy Vessels and Service will be in their complete form and the harmonizing will reach into the soul level. The Lavi Choir stood the closest to the actual Service that an ordinary person could hope to go and still survive the experience. 

Besides earning a person a unique level of Merit for the Service there is the issue of Soul Merging. This unique bonding of souls releases Energy on scale we haven’t yet experienced. Presuming that the promise to Avraham of inheriting the stars applied to all of his children, we will need an entirely new scale of Energy production to make any serious headway into the Multiverse and reach for new levels of Merit and Elevation of Creation. So, imagine that Soul Merging releases Energy on a scale that will/does equal all the Energy we have produced up until now and as Scotty from Star Trek would say, “and wee bit more”, within a split second, won’t that be the best method of propelling our way through the Multiverse on our missions of Elevating all of Creation and earning Eternal Merit.

So, as Jeff Probst of the Survivor series says before each Challenge, “Worth playing for?”. 

The only thing at stake, from what I’m seeing, is our role in Creation. It seems like big enough stakes to me to want to offer everything I can to further the cause along.

Since, you are still reading this I presume I’ve caught your interest and the question now has to be how does one (Non-Jew of even regular Jew) become a Temporary Lavi? First, you have to imagine that you are capable of being in that position. If you start with the assumption that only G-d can create a something from a nothing, then you should be able to see that imagination is a very powerful tool, because even a thought has to be coming from some solid reality, a something, a potential, a parallel universe, whatever you want to call it, it is impossible for even a thought to come from absolute nothingness, unless the One Thinking It is G-d Himself. 

Which brings me to my next personal story, most of my friends in High School had gotten interested in going to the Services at White Meadow Lake Temple, so I started going, also. I noticed that inspite of having a Caretaker that a lot things in the downstairs school program didn’t seem to be getting done and I asked the Caretaker about it and he told me that he was contracted just for the synagogue itself and sometimes he helped out with cleaning the school, but it really wasn’t his job. It didn’t seem fair to me that he should constantly have to volunteer his work for a program that he wasn’t even contracted to do. So, I asked to meet with Rabbi Whitman to see if the Temple would be willing to hire me to do the cleaning in the school as an Assistant to the Caretaker. We met again and he told me that the Board was against the idea but he did manage to pursued them to give me a try for 2 months and see if they thought I was worth (the grand sum of $2 a hour, well below minimum wage, even then) keeping on after that time. That temp. job lasted me two years until I went off to college and I was proud to hear that later they formally gave it the job title of Janitor. All this came about because I had my eyes open to seeing what was possible.

So, if someone is going to ask me where I saw that it was possible for there to be Temporary Lavim, the answer is fairly obvious. However, it isn’t all entirely from my imagination. In the 2nd Temple there was shortage of Lavim to serve in the Choir and I’ve read that they even resorted to allowing Non-Jews to sing in the Choir. Regardless, of the source, if it can be thought of, then it can happen.

The alternative is also discussed in Prophetic sources as a Lose-Lose scenario of waves of Non-Jews throwing themselves suicidally at the Clouds of Glory protecting Jerusalem because they realize what they have lost by not being part of the 3rd Temple Services. Far better, is that there should be at least one Lavi ready to share his position and find what else to do while his Assisting Temporary Lavim fulfill his tasks, i.e. The Choir, while he is off teaching, taking tithe, taking care of the cities of Refugee, cleaning the Kohenim clothes, ect. The list of what-to-do for the Lavim is especially long, even for a Jew. This is how I see the lose-lose situation can be turned to a win-win scenario. 

So, for anyone applying for the job, I’ll give you the same advice Rabbi Whitman gave me, “make it a particularly long temporary job.”.

Chapter 2: Yefas Toar

It was once noted that in response to people complaining about General Grant’s excessive drinking habit to Abraham Lincoln, his reply was whatever he was drinking, he wanted the rest of his generals to start drinking it, also. Along comes a Mitzvah, a Merit that is protected, hidden, secreted behind curses and generally brings about a certain amount of embarrassment and/or derision from the Rabbis over the centuries, a Merit that it hasn’t even been in play, but much maligned anyway. 

Devarim 21:10 The taking of a Beautiful Princess from among the nations by the Soldier of G-d.

In Geulah there is now an Anointed King, which brings into play many Mitzvahs, Merits that can’t exist without him wearing the Crown and fulfilling the role as Moshiach, King.

This happens to be one of them. The main curse associate with this Mitzvah is that of the union resulting in a Rebellious Son. Ironically, it is the only place in Torah that I’m aware of that having a child is the an implied promise. Without the child, what point would be the curse?

At this point, I would like to chime in that I have been both a Rebellious Son and a very sick obedient son, between the two I would prefer to raise the healthy Rebellious version of me than the sick obedient one.

The basic questions asked about this is “Why did G-d allow for such a union?”. The Rashi answer amounts to,  otherwise, the soldier would give into his base instinct and take her anyway, so in kindness G-d made taking her Kosher.

This answer has always bothered me on several levels. If the soldier is really well trained then taking orders is nothing new to him. Order him to have nothing to do with the girl. What about the girl’s reputation? It seems like all that is at stake is the soldier’s reputation. She is human, she has feelings, she was just as much Created and Sustained by G-d as the soldier. Also, why specifically does it have to be a Soldier of G-d that brings her into our Nation?

Obviously, there is far more to this. I’m not going to pretend to have all the answers, but I sense that Great Treasure requires great safeguards. 

So, I say, whatever that Soldier was drinking that lead him to this Merit, pass it around.

Chapter 3: Returning the Sparks and Shards of First Creation

I was dying. Not an obvious death, but one of my soul. Everywhere I turned, every relationship I had was eating up pieces of my psyche. Then there was the night of the Elizabeth suicide phone call. Until that night I thought I was bullet-proof in my abilities to feel the best way out of a suicide situation. That night proved I was still fallible, left my Supervisor shaken, and caused the Mental Health Assoc. I worked for to rewrite the suicide call protocols, nearly from scratch.  

Looking back it was amusing that my boss  had assured me prior to my first night that if I got one or two suicide calls the entire year, that would be a lot, compared to the average number that Counselors typically deal with. Of course, my first call, was a suicide call and as annoying as that was, having to relive it and dissect everything that was said in our monthly meeting made me seriously consider quiting, as at least half of people who did the job, did.

The girl on the phone was talking more frequently about the desire of someone else named Elizabeth to kill herself and how she was planning on taking a bottle of sleeping pills to end her painful existence and I nearly dropped the ball on this one. I began realizing about 10 or15 minutes into the call that she was talking about herself. The awareness literally started off as cold chill down my spin realizing that she was already considering her existence in the third person. 

In our meeting I announced that I was taking a two week vacation because my son was coming to visit, but the reality is that I was burnt out, not just from one situation, but from everyone emotionally leaning on me and draining Energy from me. I decide that night that I needed a artificial relationship that I can imagine a connection, but that really won’t be asking anything from me in return. So, I turned on MSN Concert and figured I would pick one of the female singers to be a two-dimensional artificial girlfriend. It was working as long as her eyes appeared blue to me.

Then came the awareness that her eyes were green and there were real emotions behind them. To my amazement, here was someone in my life who really wanted to emotionally give and wasn’t taking a piece of my psyche. Later, we met a little on the internet, with us Blessing each other and in fact, her Blessing to me came right before I went into the surgery that came closest to taking my life. Part of what was remarkable about that was even I wasn’t aware of how much danger I was in that night or if even my Surgeon was going to do the surgery that day. Under the concept of “even the direction leaf turns is decided by G-d”, my understanding is that somehow she knew I was in danger.

One of the paradoxes to my being a Phone Counselor was that from my prior hearing test it was determined that I was 60% deaf, in both ears, and yet, on more than one occasion I had a client say that I listen best to them, of anyone in their lives. Whatever the reason for this, I’ve never fully trusted my physical senses and have typically had to look inward for answers.

I believe that is where we will ultimately find the Great Treasures. By looking inward to the Great Spark that G-d has given each of us and harnessing the unique Energy of Soul Merging, as far G-d allows us to take it.

Chapter4: Prophecy

Midrash says that Tikkun (Completion and Perfection) will come to the World when, “the Light of Darkness and the Holy Vessel” meet (join together their efforts).

It had been presumed up until recently that this was mere poetry for describing abstract forces at work in the world. However, it very well could be describing actual individuals who represent very different backgrounds and each one has something completely unique to bring to the relationship, between them. Since, I’m a firm believer in the concept that G-d not only governs down, but also Sustains all down even to level of “the direction a leaf turns (“and wee bit more”)”, I believe that it is more than just coincidence that there is a particular girl in this generation that literally millions, probably, in fact tens of millions, have given the nickname, “Light of Darkness”. I never set out with the intent of looking for an actual person who represented either part of the equation, because I also thought the prophecy was merely describing abstract forces, but as soon as I heard repeatedly people referring to one particular girl with this phrase, this Prophecy came to my mind. I’m also not considering it coincidental that the name of her band describes an airy quality that one would expect to find in “Light of Darkness”. It is this quality that helps Energize and Vitalize large segments of the World population. It is also the one quality that had been almost completely sucked out of my own life and I’ve badly needed to have it literally injected into me, to sustain my own well-being and have the energy and motivation to reach beyond myself and become a part of a wide range of causes.

Chapter 5: Phases

Every Bible Portion is more than just a new story. It brings us to a new level of complexity, growth into a new phase. I’ve noticed cycles in my own life and each phase was so complete a break from the previous to the point where it seemed hard to believe that they were ever connected.

Looking back, I realize that perfection wasn’t what was important in each phase of life, but making at least some preparation for the next was vitually important to how I moved through the next phase of life. So, years before coming to Israel for the first time I put a lot of effort in to learning Hebrew, on my own.  Occasionally, I would even learn something new by reading what was on the walls of the Hebrew School that I was Janitor in. I spent a year prior to the Intifada storing nearly a 100 bottles of water under our house and when the Arabs shot down our power lines, which also took out of use of our water pump,  those bottles became vital to our survivability. A year prior to my Diabetes I was bugging my doctors for me to be put on medication to slow it down. A year prior to my first cancer I was again nudging my doctors to do specific exams and even told them what ares of my body that I thought was affected. So, now I’m putting together my thoughts on what I feel is vital for the Global Mind to be aware of as Geulah unfolds and we enter collectively into a new Era, the age of Redemption.  

Another concern of mine has been the thought that I want to avoid the necessity for a backwards Gilgul (Reincarnation) to cover any part of my soul’s mission, that I’ve missed or would want to add to. I’m aware that this is a rather strange concern, since there are people who seems to think that being able to go back to simpler times would be wonderful, but to me it would be the worst punishment I could experience or imagine.  I know I will need to make up for not having had a second child, yet, but given a choice I would prefer to have lots of children in Geulah to make up for the effort that is necessary to raise one more in Golus (Exile). The number I have been shown is somewhere north of 160 Geulah children = one child born and raised in Gulos. That should help in the understanding of how different the world of Geulah is from our present that so much more Merit is needed in Geulah to qualitatively equal the effort and demands that living in Golus places on a person

Chapter 6: The Keys are being handed to us (with them comes responsibility):

The  more we learn, the more we realize we have been protected from the reality of how dangerous this particular Universe is to live in,  within the Multiverse.

Can a fetus comprehend how protected it is within it’s womb world? Only at birth does it become literally painful aware that there is a lot more to reality than it’s senses were telling it. It is only recently that we have become aware that things such as Gamma Ray Burst, Black & White Holes, Subspace Disruptions, Time/Space Distortions, Galactic Plane Wobble, etc. have been an overwhelming threat to our world womb-like existence. As a baby being born, it all seems to be beyond our control, large, frightening, out of our control. However, I believe that is exactly what G-d is expecting of us. He has protected us this far from such events, but time is coming for us to grow up and start protecting ourselves, and more.

Through most of history the greatest danger to life was fire. Once, fire broke out, typically the only strategy of dealing with it was to run fast, run far from it. Over time we realized we weren’t as powerless as we thought and started organizing methods of dealing with fire. Imagine trying to explain to someone even a few hundred years ago what a fire truck would look like.

How will we control these seemingly amazingly huge threats in the future? I don’t know. However, having been raised with a solider type awareness, a war may seem overwhelming, but one person can help bring it to an end.

Those forces that seem far beyond our control, will someday be our greatest assets in Traveling the Multiverse. Again, consider that the first  most people saw of nuclear technology was the famous movie reels from the airplanes that dropped the bombs on Japan. Frightening stuff, and yet. we use the very same energy to run reactors, treat illnesses, detect objects, etc.

I remember that common complaint I would deal with as a Counselor was that people felt they hadn’t been complimented and/or appreciated enough for efforts in whatever they were doing in life. To this I say, “When was the last time someone gave you an Atta’ boy for pooping into a toilet?”. For most people, it has been quite awhile since then. However, for a toddler this is truly a remarkable feat of achievement, so we do compliment them for it. 

So too, the first day of Moshiach’s reign, first day of the 3rd Temple Services, first Soul Merger, and all the other Geulah milestones,  are bound to be a remarkable events worthy of  Divine Atta’ Boys, to us. It is right to celebrate each achievement, but is also right to realize that there is still much more to achieve, even in Geulah. Once the initial Atta’ Boy flow ceases we need to find it within ourselves to take on more responsibilities and to be looking for the next Geulah milestone. This is what it means to grow and I believe that no less will be expected of us. We will succeed together

We should also keep in mind the Prophecy that ultimately mankind is destine to come to Jerusalem and pray to G-d with one heart and one tongue. Creation is gift to all mankind and a responsibility to elevate it in Divine Service.